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How Can One Love So Strongly?
How can one love so strongly
As I do for you
Yet die so broken heartedly
Still feeling so alone
So scared of thee abyss of it all
The darkness that consumes thy very soul
That shatters this world of mine that
I wish would end forever more.
How can one love so strongly
But not be able to do more than bleed for them
(I've given up on everything)
How can you love me so strongly
When even Karma doesn't even want me around
How can you love me so strongly
When in the end
I'm going to do to you like I do everyone else
And destroy you.
How can we love each other so strongly
Are we just too damn broken?
:iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 2 1
To a Fault
I'm loyal to a fault
A Warrior Priestess
Who holds your black heart
My sword is your weapon when you fall
My shield will lay over the hole you dug for yourself
My bow and arrows to help you climb back out
And while you have my weapons
I will stand in the front lines naked
Because I'm loyal to a Deadly Fault.
:iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 0 0
I Will Beg No More!
I can't beg anymore
 Oh no!
This ends now
You will not push me
You will not prod me
And you will take nothing more from me!  
Oh no!
I can beg no more
Oh no!
I'm taking back my very soul
    Even though it's torn into pieces
          Black and blue
                  A bleeding mess
I will beg no more
For you no longer own me
Oh no!
Oh no!
No more will I cling to a person
   Who doesn't want me around
Oh no!
I will beg no more!
:iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 0 0
Everything happens for a reason
Everything happens for a reason.
Like you giving me your arms when I'm crying.
Your soul when I'm dying.
Your heart when mines just too broken.
Everything happens for a reason.
  Oh yes baby it does
Like that smile I need on your face so badly
  Each morning
       Each morning
Each evening
  In the moonlight
           The moonlight
When you grace me with your voice
Like a glorious God or Goddess.
Everything happens for a reason.
  And I'm falling
     Oh yes,
         I'm falling.
For she makes me happy upon nights like these.
Even threw all the darkness of my life
She makes me happy
And I do not know why
But everything happens for a reason.
:iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 0 0
Mature content
Until I die :iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 1 1
Like this
Eternal flames lap at my legs
As the debts of hell open beneath my feet.
Brimstone rains down
As my soul opens up and screams for peace.
Never more.
Death surrounds the mighty
(you made me like this)
As sparks from hell rise up around us.
(you made me like this)
Death surrounds the weak
As I fight my way back from the pits of hell.
To seek the revenge I deserve
On the wicked souls that made me…
Like this.
:iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 1 0
Devoured Again
Demon’s surround me
Caving inside my soul
Harboring my hatred
Devouring me entirely
Heart twisted with barbed wire.
Blacken days the hardest
Demon’s taking control of my hatred
Soul devoured
Sent to hell
(I’ve lost my way….)
(I’ve lost my way…)
(I’ve lost my way)
Devoured again.
Its all in disarray
Fight with the wits that surround you
Blocked by another boulder
Blood upon my hands again.
(It won’t wash off.)
(No, never wash off)
Devoured again.
Shower me with holy water
May the demon’s rest their weary heads
Leave me alone once again.
Losing control
Losing control
Its breaking out from inside me
Demon’s within my soul.
Hatred consumed
We are all damned again.
Devoured again….
:iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 0 0
Plastic barbie doll
I'm that gothic beauty your going to miss,
when you wake up at night and miss my bliss.
Walking on bleeding knees.
Crawling up your walls while you sleep
I'm evil resplendent.
Past perfection.
I'm the plastic barbie doll,
crawling up your walls at night.
I'm the plastic barbie doll
Waking up while your sleeping.
I'm the plastic barbie doll
The one that takes your soul and eats it
I'm that plastic barbie doll
The one you swore was harmless..
Irresistible splendor.
Shameless atrocities
Games played
Cheating laid.
Boundaries broken.
              Its okay, its okay its okay
                     Killer plastic.
               Its okay, Its okay its okay.
:iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 1 2
Beauty from thee abyss
Beauty within thee abyss
Save me from this mess.
Hark unto me dear beauty from below
Shelter me, within your broken wings of mercy.
Take me into your fiery undertow.
Oh sacred goddess of mine,
There is no time.
Breathe ever lasting life into my lungs
Oh beauty of thee abyss,
Be my everlasting goddess
Shine from below this darkened tunnel
Raise the hells from suffrage
And take my soul once again
Oh beauty of mine from thee abyss
:iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 1 0
Odd angle :iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 0 0 Pretty Laces :iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 1 3 Only for you :iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 1 0 Drive by :iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 0 0 In the Fast Lane :iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 1 0
My love
How do you show love,
When you don't remember how.
Why does one sit here and cry.
When someone else is hurting a hundred miles away
How do you get rid of this helpless feeling
When there is no light you can give the person you're scared to shelter
And I would take the pain
Take it all away
And I would bleed for you
I have bleed into
And if my tears
could dry yours up
I'd promise to cry harder for you
My love
And I am no Angel
And I am no bright white light
For I am nothing special
No nothing special at all
But you are somerthing true
something beautiful
And your pain destories this decaying heart
I wish I knew what to do
And I would take it all away
All of the pain
And I would bring you the stars in heaven
to the blackest roses of hell
I would give you all I had
if these tears I cry for your pain
Would answer all your questions
and give you relief once again
And I would take the pain
Take it all away
And I would bleed for you
I have bleed into
And if my tears
could dry yours up
I'd pro
:iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 1 0
Majestic :iconjuliannanight:Juliannanight 2 0


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Julianna Nightingale
Current Residence: Somewhere, Frozen over
Favourite genre of music: All
Wallpaper of choice: My own creation
Favourite cartoon character: Inuyasha
Personal Quote: "If you think I am nothing, just wait till you see what this nothing can do"
So yeah won't say why I was gone but in the last year I've come back heavily to writing. I'm doing screenplays, role plays, fan fictions (I do not write them I edit them/ Beta them), I also edit Novels and editorials, and still do what "I" call poetry/written word/'crap' and I'm starting to add the 'crap' here as always. And yes I know  I'm my own worst critic. But still. So there's the short run down. Maybe I'll stop by later.


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